Listed side effects of drinking beer

Eat this, not that spoke to nutrition experts to find out the secret side effects of eating

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According to experts, beer can be not onlyharmful. From it, a person may well receive nutrients, since the drink is made from cereals containing polyphenols. But drinking beer isn't healthy, of course.

As experts have noted, if you constantly drinkdrink, your blood pressure is likely to rise. In addition, beer can cause gas and indigestion. That's because it's made from barley or wheat, which contain gluten, and if you're having trouble digesting it, it's best not to drink beer.

It is also noted that this drink is high in calories, andThis means it can lead to weight gain. It will also be able to consume a lot of carbohydrates, but little fiber. In addition, experts have warned that excessive drinking, including beer, can lead to serious problems such as heart disease, liver disease and certain types of cancer.

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