Liters users have the opportunity to read books as they are written.

Service electronic and audiobooks Liters added a new section "Drafts". Readers will be able to download new ones.

books in parts when they are laid out by the author.

Text series

This format really resembles a series. The author writes chapters and immediately publishes them, and readers will be able to comment on them, and soon even offer their own options for the development of the plot. Such communication with users will help writers make their books better and understand what people are interested in. The readers themselves, in turn, will be more interested in reading and will contribute something to their favorite work. The general director of "liters" Sergei Anurev says:

"Today, the entertainment industry is on the wayinteractivity - video games and films such as the latest Black Mirror, which allow the viewer to influence the plot, are popular. And now books are also becoming interactive. Such a format is popular, for example, in China, where only the leader of this segment, China Reading, which unites 6 million authors and 200 million readers on its platform, earns about $ 800 million a year from “continuation books”, with all According to expert data, the Russian market is a little over $ 1 billion. ”

Authors can make their books free orask for money for them, set discounts. Thus, beginners or experienced writers will soon receive payment for their work without resorting to the services of publishers.

One of the first interactive literature inStephen King (Riding on the Pool, 2000) and Sergey Lukyanenko (Transparent Stained Glass Windows, 1999) tried on the Internet. However, later this format was forgotten and it did not get much popularity. Perhaps this time more people will be interested, given the current mode of interactivity.