Lithuania bought six modern EOS C VTOL drones for Ukraine and named them "Magila" - they will help send the occupiers to the grave

Before raising funds for Bayraktar TB2, Lithuania purchased two state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles from Estonia

EOS C VTOL device. Now it became known about the purchase of six more drones.

They were called "Magila" in honor of the ancient Lithuaniangoddess of death. New drones "Magila" will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to send the invaders to the grave. Lithuanian host Andrius Tapinas tweeted that €990,000 was spent on six drones, i.e. the cost of one is €165,000.

Ukrainian operators are already being trained to operate drones. "Magila-1", "Magila-2", "Magila-3" and "Magila-4" went to Ukraine. Two more models will join them in two months.

EOS C is a high performance dronean aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing, as well as the best flight characteristics in its class. The UAV is equipped with large wings and a high-quality camera that can provide a clear picture from a great height.

The drone can withstand strong winds and features a quiet motor. This is an ideal solution for adjusting long-range artillery. The maximum penetration distance is 50 km.

Source: Andrius Tapinas