Live on Tick Tok. How to start the broadcast?

How to make, run and live on Tick Tok? What is live streaming at TikTok. How to go straight

ether? It turns out that not every one of you knows how to do this and what is needed for this. Below is a detailed instruction.

Live on TikTok

Live broadcasting is calledlive on Tick Tok. In fact, this is the same as live broadcast on Instagram, but there are slight differences and limitations. Why the user can use this function in the application: for example, to show his subscribers what he is doing at the moment, how he spends time, etc.

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Live Broadcast: Limitations

There are several important features on how to broadcast live on Tick Tok.

  • To start the broadcast in Tick Tok, you must have a registered account
  • Only a user with at least 1000 subscribers can make a live broadcast in Tick Tok.
  • Alas, you can’t save live broadcast in the application.
  • You can broadcast live to Tick Tok for any time - there are no restrictions on the duration yet.

Please note that if at first you had more than 1000 fans of followers, and then it became less than 1000, the live function will be automatically turned off.

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How to go live on Tick Tok?

Now we go directly to the instructions howstart filming live on TikTok. So, if you have 1,000 or more subscriptions to you, this option will appear automatically. Here's how to find her ...

  1. Launch the TickTock application on your device, and then click on the “+” button as to create a new video.
  2. In the bottom panel, you will see the default “clip”, and you need to select LIVE broadcast.
  3. Next, you must come up with a name for him to start a live broadcast at Tick Tok.
  4. After that, click on the big button "ON AIR". That's it - you started shooting the broadcast in Tick Tok. Your subscribers will be notified immediately.

No Live on Tick Tok

Many users wonder where to findLive on Tick Tok, how you can start broadcasting it, how to gain access to broadcast and why the LIVE button does not appear. There is only one answer - until you get 1000 subscribers to your account, this function will not be available to you.

Is it possible to trick the application and run a directbroadcast, somehow get around the restriction? NO! Now this can no longer be done, but before it was possible with the help of third-party applications, but now they are all removed from the market.

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