Livermorium or F (x) Technology prepares a smartphone with a sliding keyboard

After the advent of touch screens in smartphones, the need for a physical keyboard somehow quickly disappeared. AND

really, if you need to type somethingtext, users get by just fine with the virtual keyboard on the touch screen. The physical one will only get in the way, and it will add a fair amount of weight. But for some users, having a QWERTY keyboard is a definite plus. But there is another solution, when the keyboard is hidden inside and is pulled out only when it is needed. This solution, of course, has a number of advantages, but this does not negate the fact that the weight and dimensions of the smartphone greatly swell, because even for a small front camera, manufacturers are looking for places to improve the design.

From module to full smartphone

Previously, the company Livermorium was preparing for Moto Zmodular additions. It was the keyboard that would be mounted on a smartphone. Then the developer revised his plans, and in a cardinal manner. It was decided instead of modules for a third-party smartphone to create as much - your own smartphone with a keyboard-slider and other chips. Moreover, the company under this case has created a rebranding, and now it is F (x) Technology. And the new company turned out to be very ambitious, and promises its own smartphone by the middle of this year, and maybe earlier.

What promise

The developers shared some details.of your project, highlighting information about the hardware and software of the future smartphone. The main feature is a comfortable five-row keyboard. The buttons will be convex with a backlight, and will be placed in a special way, because they are optimized for a set of only two fingers - big.

The slider mechanism slightly raises the display,It turns out a small angle, it should look more comfortable, although this is a smartphone, turn it in the face as you like. They promise a very durable and reliable mechanism that will not make the screen shake, and will also serve as a kind of damper when it falls, eliminating or minimizing damage to the smartphone.

The screen will receive a 6-inch AMOLED matrix,the frames will be thin, the cut is not provided. The software out of the box will be standard - the latest version of Android, but on top of it will be put a shell that is optimized for the features of the smartphone, given its physical keyboard. In addition to Android, the device will have support for other operating systems, such as Sailfish or LineageOS. There is no information about the processor, and there are no exact dates either. And whether there will be a demand for such a smartphone is a big question, so it’s obviously early to put the device on industrial rails.