Lives instead of likes: how to make a popular stream and who becomes a video blogger

Why bloggers became streamers?

Streaming format when a brand shows a product and talks about it in

live, appeared in 2016 on the platformTaobao Live (part of Alibaba). The idea of ​​streams from sellers took off on the marketplace only in 2020. More than 90% of brands on Taobao hosted live streams at least once in 2020, and every second product was sold via video. In the same 2020, more than 60% of Chinese people said they bought live. In other countries, this trend is still cautious, but it can easily become popular.

Increasing availability of mobile internet and itsimprovement, the emergence of smartphones among a large part of the population help the development of streaming. Many already have an inexpensive smartphone that supports video format, often even HD or full HD. And social networks stimulate the development of social shopping. When a person buys not because of a brand or a particular store, but because a living person with whom he matches in interests, values, shows and recommends the product. Through the screen of a smartphone, relationships arise that encourage action.

“Through the screen of a smartphone, relationships arise that prompt action”

Streaming is part of this social shopping, itcombines shopping and entertainment. In retail, a new term has already been formed - "shopping", or shoptaintment: from shopping and entertainment. Because shopping with the increase in the number of shopping centers has ceased to be just shopping. People go to malls to hang out, sit in food courts, watch movies, or take their kids to the playroom.

Streaming continues the idea of ​​shopkeeping:a person sits at home, he has nothing to do, he enters the marketplace, an online store and sticks to an interesting video with a charismatic presenter. He enjoys watching videos, like on YouTube, and buys.

This process can be called a new store oncouch - when you need to buy now, during the live broadcast, to get a discount. This idea plays on human greed, the desire to save or spend money profitably.

Why brands should pay attention to this tool

Many Russian companies have gone into streaming: OZON has launched a video feed, Yandex Market has live sales broadcasts. Of the large sites, only Wildberries have not yet come to this.

Business Benefit of Streaming - Increasingmedia coverage and recognition. The video format clearly conveys the message of the brand. For example, if the store is located on the marketplace, there are thousands of sellers, and it is very difficult to separate from competitors, especially when it comes to a new company that few people know. Streaming helps to build positioning and increase awareness: the brand shows, for example, how it was created, why the products were made the way they were, what values ​​were put into them.

For the buyer plus streaming - visibility intocombined with entertainment, emotions like going shopping with a friend. This can be achieved only when the video is perfectly filmed, edited, it has an interesting well-thought-out script. It's fun to take pictures of almost everything: even the way a zipper moves on a leather jacket.

“The advantage of streaming for business is increased media coverage and awareness”

How to make a popular stream?

To make the video catch the viewer and delayscreen, it should contain several elements. The first is play, entertainment. Not a monotonous story about what a cool product the company has created: we need an interactive one. The second element is unpredictability: so that the viewer cannot immediately figure out what is next in the script.

People don't want to watch long videos but minute onesYouTube videos get 15 billion views a day. This is due to the popularity of TikTok and clip thinking. Therefore, the live broadcast should be no longer than half an hour.

Many businessmen think that streaming requiresrent a studio and invest in production. A beautiful picture draws the eye, but sometimes simple UGC content works very well. For live broadcasts, good sound is more important than a clear picture. If the sound is bad, at the level of sensations it is unpleasant to watch and listen. And with good sound, a pixelated picture will not greatly affect the number of viewers.

“There are cases when just a charismatic presenter made very good sales - and even better than bloggers”

Who is streaming the video and how?

Most often, streams are carried out by influencers.For the brand, they are convenient because they already have a loyal audience that can become potential buyers. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, influencer marketing is the top advertising strategy for over 90% of companies. Content from bloggers works more efficiently than from the brand itself. But influencers do not guarantee sales success.

But the influencer is not the only option.There are cases when just a charismatic presenter made very good sales - and even better than bloggers. The most popular Chinese case is with Austin Lee, the “lipstick king” and former L’Oreal consultant. He sells 15 thousand lipsticks on the air in five minutes, although he has never been a professional presenter. On a 12-hour stream in 2012, Austin Lee sold $1.7 billion worth of merchandise. So businesses need to experiment.

How streaming is developing in Russia

In the next 10 years, streams will become moretechnological — for example, with VR and AR. There is a growing demand for digital clothing, metaverses around the world, and this will affect purchases. Perhaps, over time, virtual 3D content will be produced more actively than video content. And this will also become a way of communication between people, a way to demonstrate, to find inspiration. Because often people buy not just because they need some thing, but under an impulsive desire that appeared because of an attractive picture.

Streaming will develop most actively forgoods of impulsive demand: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, electronics, and the conversion will increase due to visibility. But we must not forget that streaming as part of shopping is not a panacea for everything, but only one of the options for interacting with the audience.

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