Lock BOZZYS M1 Smart Bluetooth Keyless Padlock

A large number of smart gadgets visibly eases our lives and forgives many things. Smart lock BOZZYS M1 Smart

Bluetooth Keyless Padlock just from "this opera." It is suitable for the doors of your home, for your bicycle, office, gym box, suitcase, garage, etc. Cool at first glance, a thing that you can always carry around and use if necessary. Say, for example, if you need to park a scooter.

Review of BOZZYS Padlock

Scenario with losing your house keys in everydaylife is becoming less popular. There is a huge amount of smart locks on the market that do not require keys, but use an application for a mobile phone. In other words, you can open the lock using your smartphone. Agree, such a protection system is much safer than usual. And operation is much easier. No need to carry your keys with you, and the phone is always at hand.

There are two ways to open this smart lock: with a password or through the application using the unlock button. Accordingly, you will need to install a special application before use. You can find it in the market on iOS or Android simply by writing “BOZZYS Padlock” in the search bar. When you first start the application, you will need to set a graphic unlock password. Next, you will need to synchronize the lock and phone via Bluetooth. Also in the Settings of the application, you can use the automatic unlock function, but for it to work there must always be an active Bluetooth and application in the background. In the application, you can also track the history of unlocking the lock.


Below are some important parameters of a smart lock:

  • Dimensions - 58 * 36 * 20 mm
  • Weight - 80 grams
  • No water protection
  • Use radius 1 meter
  • Material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel
  • Color - silver


Users who already had the opportunity to meet and test a smart accessory, shared their opinions.

The castle looks very similar to the traditionalstainless steel or zinc alloy. But it has LED indicators, which immediately give it. Four up, down, left, right buttons to enter a combination and a button in the center to activate (wake up). It's pretty simple. On the one hand, you can see the slot for the battery, the replacement of which does not cause inconvenience. You need to change the battery in unlock mode.

The application was pretty simple. Through it, you can share the key combinations with other users, manage the password and track unlock / lock. The exact date and time of each operation is reported. Setting does not take much time.


Let's summarize whether the purchase will be justifiedthis castle or not. The keys can be lost, and the key combination, too, can be forgotten, is not it? However, the undeniable convenience is still here - once entered the password and control the lock through the application.

The key advantage is that youYou can share access to the castle with another user. For this, he needs to download the application. The owner of the castle then sends him an “invitation” through this application.

According to the description on the back side, this typeThe lock is designed for indoor use. This is a bit confusing in the reliability of using it as an alternative to the door lock. Plus, the lock needs energy for Bluetooth connectivity and LED indicators. According to the manufacturer, it can turn on and off more than 1000 times and can work for more than a year.

As for security, I don’t know for sureHow safe are these Bluetooth-based devices from unauthorized users? For everyday use, for example, for cabinets in the locker rooms, it is definitely suitable. Those who are not satisfied with locks with Bluetooth, probably should try to use locks with fingerprints, but they are quite expensive. Or stick to traditional

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