Lockheed Martin has tested a 50 kW DEIMOS laser weapon for Stryker combat vehicles - it can shoot down missiles, drones and helicopters

The American company Lockheed Martin has successfully completed a new stage of testing a tactical laser system

weapons DEIMOS. The manufacturer reported on receiving the "first light" on the laser complex.

What is known

Lockheed Martin demonstrates beam qualityaffordable 50-kW class laser architecture. The development of the device is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the US Army and is part of the army's modernization strategy. DEIMOS will be able to destroy mines, missiles, shells, helicopters and drones.

The tactical laser system willintegrated into Stryker infantry fighting vehicles. The goal is to provide a directed energy potential within the framework of the air defense mission of the short-range maneuverable zone (M-SHORAD).

Lockheed Martin delivered laserinstallations HELIOS for ships and HELSI for ground forces. The power was 60 kW and 300 kW, respectively. Tests of individual DEIMOS components will continue throughout 2023, with full integration field trials to begin next year.