Lockheed Martin is developing a satellite that can be reprogrammed right in orbit.

The devices will work by analogy with a smartphone, which is essentially a full-fledged portable

computer, which can be reprogrammed to solve new problems installing the application. For example, a smartphone can be used as a means of communication, for counting, navigation, and other tasks.

A new type of satellite will be called SmartSat. A software architecture will be built into the device, which can be changed at any time by simply downloading a new application.

During testing, Lockheed Martin will launch into orbit two Kubsat satellites onto which SmartSat software will be installed. Testing will begin before the end of 2019.

It was previously reported that Lockheed Martin is planningcreate a satellite network that will provide a stable Internet in disaster areas. The project will allow victims to quickly contact emergency services or relatives.