Long-awaited BlackBerry KEY2: Superficial Look

Finally, TCL Communication brought the long-awaited flagship BlackBerry KEY2 to the presentation.Device Fans

The brand was awaited very actively with worries, since the launch of the smartphone had the slogan "Revival of the icon".In this model, the manufacturer returned to the roots, to those traditional advantages that BlackBerry users appreciated.This is no longer the KEYone, which flirts with customers with its similarity to the iPhone, as well as glitter in the form of large glass buttons, the KEY2 is completely different, it is a return to the roots, to the classics.We will now consider what actually happened.


The design of the novelty came to the traditional combination.keyboard and large screen, metal with plastic in the case, rubber coating. The body of the smartphone, it is an aluminum alloy (with magnesium. Like on airplanes). The hull form is laconic, somewhere angular, the control buttons are also made of aluminum alloy, all of them are located on the right side. At the top there is a mini jack, at the bottom there is a USB-C connector, speaker and microphone.

The color scheme includes black classics andsilver color. The latest version looks very stylish. The back panel is rubberized, has a diamond-like texture. Recalling the Passport Silver model. The keyboard also became similar to the old model, it became matte, more pleasant tactile.


The smartphone has become thinner by a millimeter, and a littlelonger, with the weight decreased by 12 grams. The screen moved up a bit, the keyboard increased the size of the keys. It has become much more convenient, in addition, the new smartphone is now perfectly balanced in weight. As for the keys, they are almost the size of Passport, but for some reason it’s more convenient to type messages. The fingerprint scanner, integrated into the spacebar button, has become larger in area, and almost no longer protrudes.

Filling. Performance

KEY2 received a Snapdragon 660 chipset from the companyQualcomm, RAM 6 gigabytes. This bundle is enough for any tasks, both everyday and non-trivial, such as processing large graphic files, or resource-intensive games. A 64 and 128 gigabyte drive per eye is enough to store any number of documents. And there is no sense to keep the rest, because BlackBerry was never intended for those who like to arrange in the phone a pool of incomprehensible music, a lot of games, a selfie with incomprehensible people and video clips. If this place is not enough, it can be increased by a microSD card for another 256 gigabytes. The number of supported simok - two.

The battery capacity of 3500 mAh providesquite large autonomy, thanks to special energy-saving technologies. There is support for fast charging Quick Charge. Moreover, the system itself will automatically adapt itself to the user over time, disabling unused services at the right time for greater energy savings.


As for the screen. Then he migrated from the previous KEYone, which is not a very good idea, because the matrix still goes into a bluish tint. Someone does not notice this, others he is extremely annoying. But with the quality of the speakers and voice transmission, everything is very wonderful.


Detailed camera tests are still ahead, andThe specifications are as follows: a dual main camera with 12 megapixel sensors. The white balance is automatic, the autofocus is fast, the stabilization system is more advanced, there are many shooting modes that were not previously available on the brand’s smartphones. I was pleased with the portrait mode, the pictures are like professional. There is an optical triple zoom.

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