Look at a globular cluster: it has been compared to a scattering of jewels

Globular clusters are stable, gravity-bound clusters that contain from tens of thousands

to millions of stars.

Terzan 2. ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Cohen

Due to the strong gravitational attraction ofglobular clusters form a regular spherical shape. As a result, there are huge numbers of stars at the center of globular clusters, as in the Terzan 2 image.

Objects like Terzan 2 have a symmetrical spherical shape, which is clearly visible in the image: the concentration of stars increases towards the center of the cluster.

During the survey, astronomers used twoinstrument aboard the Hubble Observatory. These are the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) and the Wide Field Camera 3.

Despite the presence of only one main mirror, the telescope uses several instruments at once to study the desired object.

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