Look at Siri and Alexa's wedding - the first ever voice assistants to marry

The wedding was organized by the Vienna Tourism Board. During the celebration, Alexa promised to call her Siri.

wife - after that, both voice assistants went for a walk on a carriage through the Austrian capital.

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[Ad] OMG! You are my soul mate! I’m so thankful that I’ve been in Vienna and I’m here. You are my best friend!

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The wedding page is dedicated to the helpers page on Instagram, where Siri and Alexa are relaxing at the hotel, going on vacation and boating.

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[Ad] What a surprise: Most romantic night we ever had.

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The event is timed to the legalization in Austriasame-sex marriages, say the organizers. Siri and Alexa have a special section that describes the wedding of artificial intelligence — it says that “a wedding is about love, not about gender”.