Look at the Air Taxi Trials: It's China's Biggest Prototype

Shanghai-based TCab Tech has emerged as one of China's leading bidders to develop eVTOL. Now she

organized and conducted many testflights. During the tests, it was confirmed that the prototype E20 air taxi design can operate in a vertical rise and hover mode, as well as make transitions to a cruise flight mode.

E20 demo model at 50% scaleequipped with a 6-meter wingspan, 2 lifting screws and 4 tilting screws. Like the E20, the prototype has 6 propellers in VTOL mode and 4 propellers in cruise mode. At this time, the 2 lift screws are disabled and locked.

The demonstrator serves as a platform for flighttest, where the engineering team collects valuable flight test data for early validation of the E20's configuration and design. TCab Tech is the first passenger eVTOL company in China to use thrust vectoring. The 50% scale prototype is by far the largest in the country.

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