Look at the "Lost Cosmonaut" - a tiny monument on the moon in honor of all the dead conquerors of space

The monument to the "Dead Cosmonaut" on the Moon is erected on the southeastern edge of the Sea of Rains, in the Hadley area.

The monument is a figure of an astronaut, which was created by a Belgian sculptorPaul von Hojdonz is 8.5 cm tall in aluminium and a plaque listing the 14 dead at that timeof the conquerors of space.

The idea of ​​creating a monument belonged to the directorWaddell Gallery in New York Louise Tolliver Deutschman, who wanted to immerse art in space. At the same time, no one knew that the astronauts were going to erect a monument on the moon - this became known already after the mission returned to Earth.

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