Look at the man-made crater on Ryugu asteroid from the bomb dropped from the Hayabus-2 probe

On April 5, the probe fired at an asteroid from a height of 500 m using the SCI (Small Carry-on Impactor) penetrator, consisting of

copper projectile weighing 2.5 kg and a 4.5-kilogram explosive charge. The shell hit Ryuga at a speed of 2 km / h.

The explosion left a small crater on Ryuga, into whichlater the probe will sit down and collect the asteroid particles. After the explosion, "Hayabuse-2" had to perform maneuvers around the asteroid to avoid collisions with fragments.

Recently, the team of the mission "Hayabusa-2" showedthe results of the first month of operation of the probe in orbit around the asteroid Ryugu. Engineers presented a heat map of Ryugu. It turned out that there are many more rocky outcrops on the surface of the asteroid than scientists thought. In addition, the temperature of the soil ranges from room temperature to 100 ° C.