Look at the map from Greenpeace, how diesel engines are being phased out around the world.

According to the UN, in order to avoid catastrophe, humanity must reduce

CO₂ emissions double.At the same time, about 15.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with transport, which is changing extremely slowly - especially in Russia, where many continue to buy cars with internal combustion engines.

Full version of the map can be seen here.

The countries on the map are painted in three colors. Gray marks those whose governments have not announced the date of abandonment of machines with an internal combustion engine. Green - countries that announced the date before 2030. Yellow - later than 2030.

Dots on the map are all cities, authoritieswhich imposed restrictions on the use of machines with internal combustion engines or announced failure dates not related to decisions of national governments. Depending on the color of the point, it may be an environmental class restriction, a paid entry or even a ban on the movement of vehicles. Cities that do not plan such measures are not represented on this map.