Look at the motorway for trolley trucks in Germany

Electric trucks, despite their positive impact on the environment, have a number of quite strong

shortcomings.The main thing is the small volume of batteries and the inability to quickly charge them on the highway. The maximum driving range on a single charge, even for the flagship Tesla Semi models, is no more than 800 km.

Siemens, together with the German authorities, launched a test site with the possibility of charging trucks while driving on the A5 motorway between Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt.

Testing night charging on this sitethe road has been running since 2018, but only now the German authorities have allowed such trucks to move along the road in parallel with ordinary cars. By mid-2020, the number of such trucks, which daily go in both directions, is planned to increase to five.

In case of successful testing, Germany can give Siemens contact to create similar tracks in other regions. The company has previously tested these solutions in Sweden and the USA.