Look at the new high-grade jetpack Gravity Industries. With it, you can fly over cities!

The jetpack model consists of five microturbines, one of which is located on the back, two more are attached

on hands. The total power of the engines is more than 1 thousand horsepower, which allows a person to stay in the air for about two minutes.

According to Browning, a jetpack may hit the market in the next few years. His main task, he said, is to make such devices available to the general public.

Previously, the jetpack presented the companyJetpack Aviation. He has six engines - it allows you to accelerate the device to 220 km / h. Immediately after this, Jetpack Aviation announced its intention to hold the first ever race on jetpacks in history in 2019. Developers of jet boards and backpacks are invited to participate in the event.