Look at Tabletop Whale - a complete atlas of the orbits of all objects in the solar system?

The Tabletop Whale, in addition to the Sun and all the planets, included the orbits of more than 18 thousand asteroids in the solar system. 10 thousand of them

asteroids with a diameter of more than 10 km, another 8 thousand objects of unknown size.

In addition, Lutz did in her Atlas projectspace dozens of different visualizations, including maps of the geology of Mars, the scheme of movement of large objects in the solar system and an animated map of the seasons on Earth.

Lutz took all her data from sources from NASA and the US Geological Survey. Now her projects are free and are in the public domain.

Earlier, Greenpeace has released a map of the worldwhere you can find out how different countries and cities around the world are close to avoiding the use of cars with an internal combustion engine.