Look at the transparent sea cucumber. His insides glow

The unusual sea dweller is actually an unknown species of sea cucumber. It was filmed by a submersible

ROV that explores part of a natural monumentNature's Pacific Remote southeast of Honolulu. The drone was exploring a seamount at Kingman Reef and Palmyra Atoll when operators spotted the unusual creature.

Sea cucumbers, or holothurians, area diverse group of animals, many species of which are common in the central Pacific. According to the scientists who discovered the unusual inhabitant, the sea cucumber belongs to the Elpidiidae family. These deep-sea animals are scavengers that feed on skin cells, feces, and bits of dead animals that fall to the ocean floor.

To eat, the animal oozes on the seabed,using sticky tentacles to pick up a mixture of sand and organic material, which it then brings to its mouth. The bright orange intestine, which looks like a glowing "Cheetos" and is visible inside the transparent creature, digests organic material, excreting inedible "sand".

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