Look at the updated F-15 fighters: they carry 24 air-to-surface missiles

Boeing has unveiled the most advanced F-15 fighters at its St. Louis, Missouri plant. Fighter

The F-15QA Ababil was named after the legendary patron birds, the company says on its YouTube channel.

According to an infographic from Boeing, the F-15 developsspeed 3017 km / h at a maximum height of 21 336 m. Maximum load - 13 154 kg. Also, unique combat modules have recently been added to the model. Thanks to them, the updated F-15 can carry 12 air-to-air missiles or 24 air-to-surface missiles.

In 2017, Boeing signed a contract to supplyF-15QA, worth $ 6.2 billion. Under the agreement, the Qatari Air Force will purchase 36 of these aircraft, which are expected to begin shipping later this year. The number of fighters Boeing has already delivered this year has not been disclosed. But company representatives confirmed that pilot training began in early 2021 for the delivery of fighters.

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The word "ababil" is rare in Arabic and inThe Qur'an is used only once in the meaning of birds, which, by the will of Allah, flew into the army of the Ethiopian commander Abrahi and destroyed it. These events took place shortly before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in the year of the Elephant.