Looking for a new vacuum cleaner? Don't Forget These Features

Today, manufacturers offer many types of vacuum cleaners to choose from. But which one is the best

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In general, all home vacuum cleaners can be divided into three types. This is a classic, vertical and robot vacuum cleaner. Vertical shaped like a mop.It does not suck up dust and dirt as well as other vacuum cleaners, but may be suitable for those who value light weight, compactness and ease of maintenance. There are even similar wireless models.

Classical vacuum cleaner - the one that is familiar to many of us. It has a more powerful motor than the vertical one, and there are many functions.

Vacuum cleaning robots able to clean the entire apartment, if he is given a certain program. But I must say that such vacuum cleaners still cannot replace the classic version due to the low suction power.

There are also several types of dust collector. In upright vacuum cleaners, this is most oftencontainer, and in the classic one you can find bag or container. Bag can also be divided into paper, fabric, non-woven paper. The latter is considered the most durable, but the former is easily torn. From the advantages of vacuum cleaners with bags, the author of the article highlights low cost, ease of use, high suction power, from the disadvantages - the presence of constant contact with dust, a decrease in suction power as it is filled.

The plastic container is much different from the bag.easier to clean. However, you will still be constantly interacting with the dust. In addition, filters are located near this container, which will need to be washed from time to time.

There are vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter.As a dust collector, a container barrel with water is installed in it. Such vacuum cleaners clean not only the floors, but also the air. But at the same time, they have large dimensions, and after each cleaning you will need to wash the dust collector. The filter will also need to be changed frequently.

Washing vacuum cleaners are considered two-in-one devices. They collect dust and carry out wet cleaning. However, they are expensive and in themselves - heavy and bulky.

The capacity of the dust collector can be generally different.If the apartment or room to be cleaned is small, then 1-2 liters will be enough for you for several cleanings. Otherwise, buy a larger bag or container.

It is also important to pay attention to suction power. It is least of all for robotic vacuum cleaners (8-100W), a little more - for vertical ones (25-200 W), more than others - for classic ones (100-750 W, but there are models with 2800 W). If you do not have carpets, then only 200 watts will be enough for you. In this case, the best choice would be a vacuum cleaner that allows you to control the suction power.

Concerning nozzles, then they can be designed for different surfaces. For example, for soft and hard, for furniture, cracks, etc.

By noise level vacuum cleaners range from 60 dB to 80 dB. If you choose a powerful model, then it will not be quiet for sure.

Pay attention when buying and filtration system. Your best bet would be to purchase HEPA filters: they hold up to 99.97% of dust particles.

Don't forget about cord length. The range of the vacuum cleaner depends on this. The longer the cord, the more comfortable you will get out.


If you need a vacuum cleaner to clean a smallroom, then buy a model with a dust bag in the form of a bag, medium suction power, a cord 8 meters long. However, if your goal is to purchase a device for comfortable use and high-quality cleaning, then it is better to take a classic vacuum cleaner with a container, many attachments, power adjustment, a long cord, HEPA filters and convenient dimensions.