Lost remake of the first Tomb Raider has been leaked and you can play it for free

In 2007, gamers received a remake of the first Tomb Rider in the form of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The game was released by Crystal Dynamics and received

quite good reviews. As it turned out, this is the second version of the remake, and the creators of the series themselves worked on the first.

What is known

The "original remake" was called Tomb Raider:10th Anniversary, and developed the Core Design project. The team planned to release the game on PSP in 2006 in order to be in time for the tenth anniversary of the franchise. According to Eurogamer, at that time Core Design lost ground due to the failure of Angel of Darkness, and the Tomb Raider series was given to Crystal Dynamics.

Yet then both teams belonged to SCiEntertainment. So Lara Croft's adventurers went to the bosses and got the green light for Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary. It was only at the same time that such an idea occurred to the management of Crystal Dynamics.

At first, Core Design didn't care, because theycould release the project already in 2006, but their colleagues would have been busy until 2007. Still, Crystal Dynamics turned out to be more cunning, and offered the bosses to make a remake not only for the PSP, but also for home consoles. SCi Entertainment decided that it was even cooler, and curtailed Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary, giving the green light to Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

Core Design tried to remake the project undergame based on Indiana Jones, but in the end it didn't work out and the prototype was left to gather dust. Yet a fan of the series called Ash recently found an early build of Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary.

The guy decided to make the game publicly available, butfirst wanted to get the go-ahead from Crystal Dynamics. The company kept silent for a long time, so Ash decided to give the fans a New Year's gift, and posted the build on December 31st on Archive.org. The assembly includes locations in Peru and Greece, as well as the Croft estate, but the opponents are disabled. The author of the leak left download links, as well as installation instructions.

Source: DSO Gaming

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