Louis Vuitton: flexible displays now not only on smartphones

The last trend, which has not yet been strongly realized in smartphones (remember the defaultFold from Samsung), already

From smartwatches, smartphones, advertising watches, and some TVs, flexible displays have migrated to handbags.Louis Vuitton has decided, since smartphone manufacturers can't yetWe will attach them to our products, but fashionable people should be able to flaunt innovative flexible smartphones.The fashion house integrated the screens into one of the collections of handbags.

Prototypes of incredibly technological handbagswere shown on Cruise 2020, which took place in the United States. At the same time, flexible displays displayed various types of New York during the show. Innovative handbags showed not only video of the city, it seems that there was a real operating system, because the outlines of the browser were also flashed. These are real handbags-tablets.

To whom, this miracle may be needed and why inThese handbags have flexible displays (what will fashionable ladies show?), but the solution, which is definitely interesting, has never been used in such a context. It is clear that it is hardly a serious lady who appreciates style and chic, wants to carry a handbag along the central streets of Paris or even go with her to visit the same fashionable girlfriends. However, the fashion shows themselves will be very much in harmony with such devices. The same is obtained wearable advertising stand - double benefit from the models.

The representative of the fashion house at the press conferencenoted that the idea was to turn a handbag into a useful extension of a tablet or smartphone. But at the same time, Louis Vuitton did not indicate his plans to promote this kind of products to the market. Most likely, the idea will be transformed, different ways of applying technology in the fashion world will be tried. In the end, the real product still appears, will it be a handbag or something else, time will tell.

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