LoveSync: a gadget that brings harmony in relationships

High technologies have enveloped our life and reached all its aspects, even in areas than before

feelings and passion dominated.Now these technologies help a person not only to be always in touch, drive a car without problems, work in comfort, get a good night’s sleep, but also to express to his other half the level of feelings, desire and passion.

What it is

LoveSync, this is a new gadget with a very interesting andunique functionality. Rather, the concept itself is interesting, and the functionality is quite simple. But despite the simplicity, crowdfunding users have already sent about ten thousand dollars to develop the device. Remarkably, the LoveSync video tells about the concept in a very ridiculous way. In him a couple of young people can not express their desire to a partner, and needs just such a device.

How does it work

The device works quite simply and ordinary: There are two large buttons, one for each - you and your beloved halves. When one of you has a desire, a passion inflames, he presses his button. At this time, the second half is notified of your feelings and desires, and if she is ready to share this passion with you now, she also presses the button. At this time, both buttons light up so that it becomes clear that the time for love has come. The idea seems ridiculous to you and completely unnecessary? But in vain, people are all different, and today there are much more of those who are very shy of their feelings, afraid to express them, afraid to get rejected. And when it comes to very close relationships, then the most brutal, and the most sensual, succumb.

That here, this device is designed to eliminate thisbarrier, remove psychological pressure. Now do not talk about intimacy, you will know about it without words. Of course, this area, ideally, should be left without the support of any technology, and people should learn to talk about it with their loved ones. But the reality is that what happens in it is quite the opposite. If anything, it is this area that is most quickly introducing various technical innovations. But we still continue to be shy and silent.

This gadget has a consensus window. This is the time when feelings still persist after the sentence. It can be set up in a wide range, it can be 15 minutes, or maybe a day, that is, 24 hours. If you press once, it means that you do not burn for more than 15 minutes, double-click - ready to wait two hours. If you press five times, then the day you will think about your beloved.

In fact, the device is very useful,since it solves one of the most serious problems of millions of couples. Rather, they seem to be called upon to solve, however, they look and this way is somewhat ridiculous. It would be great if someone created such an application for a smartphone. And the efficiency is higher, and cheaper, and you can always hide (close the application).

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