LUCI Immers: a window to a world the size of ordinary glasses

At one time, science fiction films showed glasses in which everything that was shown on the screen could be seen.

a huge wall-sized display.And large displays are beautiful and informative. Since then, the diagonals of television panels have grown and become more accessible. And today, even a family with an average income can afford to hang a panel of just over an inch on the wall of the living room or bedroom. With wearable displays with built-in virtual screens, things have slowed down a bit. Since then, they have remained at approximately the same level, only they have grown with virtual diagonals. They are still bulky, inconvenient, and require wires. LUCI decided to correct the situation a little, at least in some positions.

Wearable headset

On the service Indiegogo started the company oncreating an innovative wearable headset. According to the developers, LUCI Immers is able to provide an experience of visual interaction, unprecedented until now, with entertainment content such as films, games, and much more. Immers glasses are a one of a kind compact and lightweight system equipped with a very high resolution virtual display. For the user, the headset creates a truly giant screen on which you can watch videos, different clips, games. The source of content is the tablet, computer, smartphone, laptop, in general, any computer device.

Virtual world in the best cinemas

The resulting virtual screen has a highclarity and resolution of 3840x1080. It feels comparable to a screen diagonal of more than a thousand inches at twenty-meter distance. Have you met in the houses of a similar diagonal panel? Of course, only in the cinema. So, with the LUCI headset, all movies, all games and any other content become a real world into which you immerse yourself like in a movie theater.

At the same time LUCI glasses are quite compact, inCompared with competitors, the developer specifically clicked on the mobility of the device so that it was comfortable to travel without bothering with a separate suitcase for a headset. Yes, and the design of the headset is quite ergonomic, the glasses do not look on the face, like something ugly, like a huge man-made growth. The weight of the device is no more than 180 grams, like an average smartphone.


According to the developer, their goal iscreation of a lightweight and convenient device, a wearable device, allowing you to enjoy multimedia content at the maximum visual parameters. Immers is a combination of high-tech materials and components, it is comfort and an incredible display of the highest definition. This thousand-inch screen, the user can take with you anywhere, because it weighs less than two hundred grams, and fits in any city backpack.

This headset is suitable for viewing and in normalglasses (worn over dioptric). The design of the headset is modular, which makes it even more comfortable and versatile. It can only be glasses, it can be a personal cinema or sunglasses with a bunch of chips. Connect the headset to a smartphone, beech or tablet via USB-C connector. There is also an HDMI port, if you connect to a game console type PS4. Included the user will find a set of exclusive content with a resolution of up to 8K. At the moment, the device is available for 340 dollars. Physical shipments to buyers will begin in August.

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