macOS 10.15 may be called "Mammoth" (Mammoth)

Apple used different names to update its operating system for computers. In past

animal names were used, and recently the company switched to the natural attractions of California. Perhaps this year nothing will change.

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The network has information about how it cancalled the next version of macOS. The information is based on names that Apple patented several years ago. Initially, the names associated with California were already 19, but all of them will not be used for sure.

In 2013, Apple patented 19 different names on behalf of 6 different companies, all of which are owned by Apple. Some were never used, while others were not (Mojave, Yosemite and Sierra).

The company refused some namescompletely, deciding not to renew the license. However, there are four options that are still relevant: Mammoth, Rincon, Monterey and Skyline. The next version may be called one of these four options, but most likely it will be Mammoth.

The patent for the name Mammoth was renewed this month. This makes sense, because in California there is Mount Mammoth and Lake Mammoth. Everything follows the pattern.

Another option is Monterey, a city on the Pacific coast. Rincon is a popular destination among Southern California surfers, and Skyline is the name of the mountain range. Suitable for any of the options.

We will find out for sure we will very soon at the WWDC 2019 conference, which starts on June 3. At the opening, Apple will present updates to its platforms and show us their new features.

macOS 10.15 will be more integrated with the Apple Watch, the OS will display on-screen time, Teams, etc.