Magic Mouse 2: more reliable and now without batteries. But is she worth her money?

The mouse is indispensable, for example, when editing video in Final Cut Pro X, because you need very high accuracy

guidance. Therefore, Magic Mouse is one of my constant assistants in everyday work.

As everyone already knows, Apple has released a newmouse model with additional features. One of the main innovations is the built-in battery. The mouse has become lighter and looks more durable; the litter design has also been optimized for better movement. But is it worth buying Magic Mouse 2 if you have a previous model?

In addition to a rechargeable battery, it is difficult to isolatesome really significant and noticeable difference at first glance. However, taking advantage of the new device a little, I can say that significant differences really exist. First of all, mouse movement - Magic Mouse 2 travels smoothly on my wooden table. A softer glide is achieved, apparently, thanks to the new slide. You cannot immediately notice this, but after some comparison, you come to the conclusion that it is really more convenient to control the new mouse, plus it makes less noise when moving.

Magic Mouse 2 costs 6490 rubles. (or $ 80, $ 10 more than the cost of the original Magic Mouse). The difference in price is due to the fact that the new mouse comes complete with the Lightning cable needed to recharge it. The cable is completely standard, fits all Lightning connectors, it can be used with iPhone, iPad, Magic Trackpad 2 or Magic Keyboard. In general, the cost of the new model is quite adequate.

One of the coolest tricks is thatThe mouse instantly establishes a wireless connection to your Mac as soon as you connect it to your computer with a cable. Anyone who has ever been annoyed by the bluetooth curve will appreciate this feature.

It’s also good that you no longer have to replacebatteries, because they are always discharged at the most inopportune moment. Even if you use reusable batteries, it is still very inconvenient to change them. In general, with Magic Mouse 2, all these dancing with batteries will be a thing of the past.

Magic Mouse 2 is equipped with a built-in lithiumbattery, as well as all other "magic" news. Full charge of all three accessories is carried out in two hours and provides a month of continuous operation. Impressive.

What is even more impressive is that everythinga minute of recharging will give enough energy to use the mouse for another hour. This is useful in cases where the battery runs out, but you still need to do something else. Thus, you can completely forget about the battery, it is enough to have Lightning at hand.

Of course, the haters immediately found out that the mouse cannot beuse during recharging, but this is actually not so important, given that you can get an hour of work by waiting for one minute. People resort to such arguments when they just really need to curse the design somehow. I am sure that Apple very carefully chose the location of the Lightning port and chose this place for important reasons.

Apple claims that thanks to the built-inThe mouse’s battery design turned out to be more solid and fewer moving parts. As a result, Magic Mouse 2 has become more durable, and if you shake it, the lid of the battery socket will no longer knock, because now it is gone.

As you can see, it’s not so much a reviewthe functionality of the mouse, how much the answer to the question is, is it good in comparison with others. I can say that in relation to Magic Mouse 2 people are divided into two halves: some like this mouse, others just hate it.

Complain mainly about low landinga manipulator that some people find it difficult to get used to. Personally, I really like the mouse. It looks like one big button, on the surface of which you can perform many different gestures. Something like a trackpad and mouse in one bottle.

If you have never used a Magic Mouse,just test it and try to find out if this accessory suits you. Those who already use the original magic mouse do not have to take a new one, because from the point of view of functionality it offers not so much new.

But if you are tired of changing batteries and you would benot against a slightly better mouse slide on the table, then spending 80 bucks on it is not a bad option. An old mouse can always be sold to recapture part of the cost of a new one. Personally, I am very happy with the new mouse, because I really do not like batteries, and now I don’t need to change them even on the mouse.