Major update CS: GO added new map, Scrimmage mode and reworked Vertigo

Valve has released an update for CS: GO, adding a new map and no rank mode.

What is known

In the list of cards

"Sigma" hit cards Seaside and Breach. The first is already familiar to the players of CS: GO, but the second has become a novelty. Both cards can be tested in the “Normal” mode, “Combat to Death”, as well as the Scrimmage mode, which Valve added to the game with the update. According to the rules of the latter, users with any rank and trust factor can play in the same lobby. In addition, participation in the match does not affect the title of the player, but the exit from the battle after the start is punishable by a fine.

The update will also affect the Vertigo map. The CS: GO blog says that the location acquired a new exit to point B and a staircase room near the elevator shaft, which allows you to go to point A. In addition, the developers expanded the hall in the corridor of terrorists and moved the bridge over the elevator shaft.

For more details about the new update, see the official patchout.