Man creates AI-powered damper to stop his cat from bringing prey into the house

A British man who is tired of being woken up at night by a cat dragging prey has invented a special damper for

doors. The system, called OnlyCat, prevents a pet from bringing a dead mouse into the home.


The man said that he and his partner were tiredwaking up at 2 a.m. due to the loud meowing of the Jinx cat, which brought prey into the house. If the owners did not take away the dead mouse quickly enough, the animal began to eat it and dirty the carpet. The man admitted that it caused stress.

To solve the problem, the Briton decided to collectown cat flap with chip and camera. For the device, he developed software based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The system detects in the picture from the camera the presence of prey in the teeth of a cat. If there is prey, the cat's hatch is temporarily closed, and a notification is sent to the owners' phones.

The system works effectively, and has prevented Jinx from dragging dead mice or birds into the house 42 times already!