Map "Havana" and new skins: Blizzard has released a patch for Overwatch

New patch for Overwatch was released on May 7th. New skins were added, a map, and some bugs were fixed.

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Havana was first spotted in the event."Premonition of a Storm." Now this card will be used for the Accompanying game mode, in which there are attacking and defending teams. The first must accompany the goods to their destination, and the second - to prevent them from doing so. The map of Havana has three main areas of development, which include the streets of Havana, the Don Rumbotico distillery and the fortress by the sea. Until May 21, the map will not be able to play in the rating mode so that players can get used to it.

Also until May 22, two skins on Angela and Lucio will be available. Players can purchase them on the menu for 200 league tokens each. You can buy tokens yourself or get them to watch Overwatch League matches.

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Also, the developers have fixed a few bugs onnew map. For example, a few text errors on the posters and sliding on the bottom of the columns and corners on the second floor of La Euforia. A complete list of updates can be found in the notes for the Overwatch patch.