Math teacher holds virtual reality geometry lesson in new Half-Life: Alyx game

The network has information about a rather unusual experiment by one of the American teachers

Mathematics: He taught a lesson in geometry in virtual reality in Valve’s new game, Half-Life: Alyx.

So, on one of the locations inside the game there isthe ability to write with markers on the glass. The middle-class teacher did not miss the opportunity given by the developers, and decided to conduct a 17-minute geometry lesson right inside the game. He drew various angles and formulas, and also introduced the students to an Alliance soldier on a strider and a hand snark.

Recall that Half-Life: Alyx went on sale March 23. Unfortunately, only owners of helmets of virtual reality can play it. At the moment, the game has rather high ratings - on Metacritic, the new Valve project earned 92 points out of 100.