May 18, the first “Digital-dictation” will be held in Russia

The Dictation consists of 30 questions for participants from different age categories: for children aged from14 to 17

Fly Adults.Testwill be divided into three semantic blocks: the first is devoted to the basics of computer literacy, including various devices and knowledge of basic programs.The second is working with the Internet, social networks and online applications, and the third is cybersecurity, including the protection of personal data.

“Digital-dictation” will be held offline in many Russian cities on May 18, 2019. Participants can also take an online test on a special website and in the app.

According to the organizers, up to 50 thousand people will take part in the dictation.

"In today's world, digital literacy is as important as the ability to read and write for every inhabitant of our planet.The all-Russian campaign "Digital Dictation" is an important step towards users, which, through exciting testing, will allowto improve their skills."

Sergey Grebennikov, Director of ROCIT

Digital Dictation was organized by ROCIT,RAEC and Microsoft with the support of Avito, the Internet Coordinating Center, the Russian Popular Front, HP Inc., Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Rambler Group.