Mazda 3 drivers, beware: due to a software error, the car itself slows down for no reason

Electronic systems in cars are designed not only to simplify travel, but also to protect it.

For example, Mazda builds “smart brakes” into their cars that automatically stop the car if they see an obstacle. Unfortunately, all computer systems suffer from bugs.

What is known

According to Mazda, then in the latest models of carsWe found a software error that leads to false alarms of the Smart Braking System. Due to a system bug, 35,390 2019 and 2020 Mazda 3 models mistakenly see obstacles in their path and stop the car.

"In certain cases, control softwareSBS can automatically apply the vehicle's brakes to prevent or reduce damage from a collision, even if a collision is not imminent. If the SBS automatic emergency braking system is unexpectedly activated while driving, the risk of a rear-end collision with a following vehicle may increase,” the company writes in a press release.

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When triggered, the system stopscar and warns the driver with a signal with a message on the display. Some Reddit users have already encountered an issue where a car suddenly brakes even though there is nothing around. Drivers tried to get rid of the error by simply turning off SBS, but, judging by the comments, the system turns on on its own when the car starts.

One user also said that his cars sometimes turn independently to avoid a collision:

“I have never encountered such a situation in mycar, but I get other security features activated. Lane Departure Warning turns my steering wheel to alert me that I'm approaching when there's nothing there."

According to Autoblog, some models only need an update or reprogramming of the system. With earlier versions of the car, you will have to change the electronic dashboard.

Mazda is recalling affected vehiclesand will notify owners about it by email until February 17, 2020. Or Mazda3 drivers can contact the manufacturer themselves to get more information.

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