Media: Apple is working with Valve on an augmented reality headset for iPhone

Apple has already given up on virtual reality, but believes in augmented reality. Even more: if

According to DigiTimes source (via MacRumors), the company is developing its own AR headset in collaboration with Valve.

What is known

According to the source, the creators of Steam have takenfor the design of the device. Valve has already released a physical embodiment of Steam Link, and in April 2019, the Valve Index VR helmet was released, so there is experience. Apple took on the software part, including the user interface.

Taiwan's companies were also involved in the developmentODMs Quanta Computer and Pegatron, who will manufacture the device. According to the source, Apple has changed its views, moving away from purely “home development”.

Apple AR headset will be released in the second half of 2020year and will become the next iPhone accessory, relying on the power of a smartphone. Back in November 2017, Bloomberg was told that the augmented reality headset would run on its own operating system called rOS.

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