Media: Elden Ring from the creators of Game of Thrones and Dark Souls will be released in 2020

The last time Elden Ring “lit up” was at E3 2019, where the developers showed a story trailer. It seems that

The next time From Software fans will see the game is at the upcoming The Game Awards.

What is known

IGN Middle East published on their page inInstagram announcement of Elden Ring demo. If you believe the magazine, then the project will be shown at The Game Awards 2019, which will be held on December 13. According to journalists, at the ceremony the developers will conduct a “review of the game” and also announce the release date, which may be set for early 2020.

The Game Awards 2019 has always been not onlya ceremony to award the best games of the year, but also a stage for the announcement of new projects. For example, last year Ubisoft announced Far Cry: New Dawn at an event, and Obsidian presented The Outer Worlds. So it's not surprising that From Software chose The Game Awards 2019 to showcase the game in full.

So far, little information is known about Elden Ring.From Software has officially confirmed that George R.R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire books, was working on the project. The developers commissioned the writer to create the mythology of the world, and FromSoftware head Hidetaka Miyazaki was pleased with the author's work.

If we talk about rumors, then in a recent leakthe source said that players will enjoy a classic Souls-series combat system. In addition, the main character will have a prosthetic arm, on which part of the mechanics is tied. According to Miyazaki, Elden Ring was developed simultaneously with Sekiro, so the introduction of such a system is not surprising.

In addition, a “burning” mechanic will be added to the game.The more often the hero uses his skills, the more his hands burn, until his limbs turn into dust. Opponents can also cut off the hero's hands if they are already damaged enough.

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