Media: Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on PC on Steam in 2020

At the end of 2019, rumors about the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC appeared on the network. Then the community doubted the source,

but now the exclusive release beyond the PlayStation 4 is prophesied by the journalist Kotaku.

What is known

Jason Schreyer who regularly pleasestrue insiders, said that Sony plans to release Horizon Zero Dawn for computers. Three people who decided to remain anonymous, as they cannot disclose such details, shared the news about the company's plans.

Schreyer did not name the release date, but the author of the firstrumors Anton Logvinov claimed that the project will be released in February. In turn, the journalist Kotaku says about the simultaneous release in the Steam and Epic Games Store.

If the prophecy comes true, then Horizon Zero Dawnwill be Sony's first big game to go beyond the PlayStation. Death Stranding and recent Quantic Dream projects are not taken into account, since the Japanese acted only as a publisher.

Maybe Sony really decided to changestrategy, adopting the experience of Microsoft, which is trying to release their own games wherever possible. At the same time, Horizon Zero Dawn may be the game that will push PC users to buy PlayStation 5. Sony has already announced the development of exclusives for the ninth-generation console, and this project could be the continuation of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Microsoft did a similar trick, releasing the first Gears of War on the Xbox 360 and PC, and then making the box an exclusive “box”.

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