Media: Nintendo is preparing a new VR helmet for Switch, but now plastic and uncomfortable

Nintendo has already released a VR helmet for the Switch console. The device has become part of the cardboard designer Labo,

But it was used both in specially created games, and in already released exclusives of the company. Now, "big N" is preparing a second version, which will lose the cardboard case.

What is known

According to Lets Go Digital, the patent was filed back inFebruary 2018, and published it only on August 22, 2019. The document talks about a new VR helmet for the Nintendo Switch, which may be working on the “Big N”.

Externally, the headset resembles Labo VR, but nowthe basis is plastic, not cardboard. The inside is made of foam for greater convenience, and the lenses are already integrated into the housing. As in the previous version, users will have to insert the Switch into the helmet, which makes the Nintendo VR headset fully portable.

Feature of the patent in the absence of straps, whichwould hold the device on his head. Judging by the schematic images, Nintendo offers users to press the helmet with the console to the face, which is unlikely to be convenient.