Media: Riot Games will release the mobile League of Legends in 2019

The company Riot Games plans to release a mobile version of its MOBA-game League of Legends.

What is known

According to

Reuters, the creation of LoL for Android and iOS was commissionedthe Chinese company Tencent, which has already released its own "moba" called Honor of Kings. Publication sources said that Riot and Tencent have been working on the mobile league for over a year, and the release is scheduled for 2019.

Since western and European gamersprefer to play on PC and consoles, League of Legends for smartphones will be focused on the Chinese market. Over the past year, the game brought Riot $ 1.4 billion, which is 21% less than a year earlier. So the company needs a new paying audience, and in China, smartphones bring 57% of the profits for the gaming industry, while in the US only 36%.