Media: Sony has overtaken Microsoft again - PlayStation 5 is ready, and Xbox Scarlet is greatly delayed


Photos of the PlayStation 5 for developers have already appeared on the Internet. The console design is not final, but the developers have

there is already “hardware”, focusing on which you cancreate new generation games. The PS5 “devkit” has already ended up with Sony’s internal studios and third-party developers, but Microsoft is far behind schedule.

Sony pulled ahead

A Twitter user wondered whyThe PlayStation 5 for developers has already appeared on the Internet, but the Xbox Scarlet “devkit” remains a secret? As The Verge editor Tom Warner explained, Microsoft hasn't sent out test versions of the new Xbox because the console isn't ready yet. The developers have not yet had time to work with Scarlet, which is why rumors have appeared on the Internet that the new Microsoft console lags behind the PlayStation 5 in performance.

“Almost no one has them [Scarlett “devkits”]no, and they are far from the final version. That's why there are rumors that they are not powerful enough and so on. Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time,” Warner wrote.

The words of The Verge editor-in-chief begandiscuss on the ResetEra forum, where Kotaku editor Jason Schreier also visited. According to the journalist, Microsoft is unlikely to try to surprise Sony and, most likely, will once again fail to meet the deadlines. Even the developers are left in the dark and “frustrated” by the lack of information about the Xbox Scarlet.

"I'm not sure what the expression 'trying to surprise Sony' is.true here - common sense would suggest that, as with the Xbox One, Microsoft is simply behind schedule and running in a hurry - but I spoke to several third-party developers who said they were disappointed by the lack of information about Scarlet, especially compared to Prospero [PS5],” wrote Schreier.

What is known about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet

There is indeed more information about the PlayStation 5.The console will receive an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture, and an AMD Radeon Navi video card will be responsible for the graphics. Sony says it will support ray tracing, but the main feature of this generation will be fast loading times. Judging by the latest news, the company is planning to use Samsung SSD. In addition, PlayStation 5 will receive backward compatibility with PS4 and support for the PlayStation VR VR headset.

In turn, Microsoft is not interestedin virtual reality and Xbox Scarlet is unlikely to get its own “helmet”. But the characteristics will be similar, and the console will receive a Zen 2 processor and a Navi graphics chip from AMD and a GDDR 6 SSD. According to Microsoft, with this filling, Project Scarlet will be able to “pull out” 120 FPS in games, 8K resolution, and ray tracing.

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