Media: Sony has patented the design of the PlayStation 5, but do not rush to twist (photo)

Back in early 2019, Sony officially announced the next generation PlayStation, talking about the characteristics

prefixes. Nevertheless, the company still has not shown the design of the device, but it seems that the journalists learned what the fifth generation of the “gaming station” will look like.

What is known

According to Let’s Go Digital, Sony has patented the design of the PlayStation 5, or rather the version of the development console, the so-called “devkits”.

Judging by the schematic images, the grillcooling systems have taken the lead. A strange decision, because Sony often hides openings for removing hot air from the player’s eyes. A wide slot on the front panel, according to journalists, is designed for a drive, and USB ports are located on the right. The rear panel has ports for image output and network connectivity.

It’s hard to believe what it will look likePlayStation 5, but sometimes the DevKit design is final. It is possible that a new generation of "gaming station" will fall on store shelves with such an appearance. This is hinted at by the V-shaped silhouette on the top of the device, which may also mean the Roman numeral five. Nevertheless, the design of the latest Sony consoles was strict and minimalistic, and it is unlikely that the Japanese decided to move away from this.