Media: the first version of Dragon Age 4 was cooler than Inqusition, but Anthem interfered with development

Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier continued to delve into BioWare's past and future with another piece

about the studio.

What is known

This time the author talked about Dragon Age 4,the official announcement of which gamers saw at The Game Awards 2018. Then the audience was shown only a teaser and did not even reveal the name. The fact is that Dragon Age 4 is currently in an early stage of development, although they have been working on the project since 2015.

Originally the fourth part of the "Age of Dragons"was intended as an addition to Dragon Age: Inquisition and was codenamed Joplin. The developers planned to tell the story of a party of spies from the Tevinter Empire. The project was not intended to be as large-scale as “Inquisition,” but the world reacted more strongly to the player’s actions. BioWare wanted to focus on heist missions, where gamers would have more options for solving problems.

“We were working on something really cool.An extremely empathetic game that was smaller in scope than Dragon Age: Inquisition, but gave players more choice, reactions and depth. I’m sorry we never finished it,” said one anonymous developer.

BioWare stopped developing Jplin in throw energy into Mass Effect: Andromeda, and then the project was completely canceled for Anthem. Now, Dragon Age 4 has risen again under the name Morrison. It is unknown how many ideas from the first version they decided to keep, but the anonymous developer suggested that the game will have a single-player campaign and multiplayer endgame. There is also an idea for the decisions of gamers to influence the development of the history of the game world.