Media: the first version of Dragon Age 4 was steeper Inqusition, but Anthem prevented the development

Kotaku journalist Jason Schreyer continued to dig in past and future BioWare, writing another material

about the studio.

What is known

This time the author talked about Dragon Age 4,the official announcement of which gamers saw at The Game Awards 2018. Then the audience was shown only a teaser and did not even disclose the name. The fact is that now Dragon Age 4 is at an early stage of development, although they have been working on the project since 2015.

Initially the fourth part of the "century of dragons"conceived as an addition to Dragon Age: Inquisition and received the code name Joplin. The developers planned to tell the story of the party of spies from the Empire Tevinter. The project was conceived not as large-scale as Inquisition, but the world reacted more strongly to the actions of the player. BioWare wanted to focus on missions with robberies, where gamers would have more options for solving problems.

“We were working on something very cool. Extremely sensitive game, which was smaller in scope than Dragon Age: Inquisition, but gave players more choice, reactions and depth. I'm sorry we didn't finish it, ”said an anonymous developer.

BioWare turned the development of Jplin in 2016,to throw power on Mass Effect: Andromeda, and then the project was canceled altogether for the sake of Anthem. Now, Dragon Age 4 was resurrected again, receiving the name Morrison. It is not known how many plans from the first version they decided to leave, but an anonymous developer suggested that the game will have a single player campaign and multiplayer endgame. There is also an idea for the decisions of gamers to influence the development of the history of the game world.