Media: the story of one EA bad joke about singles

Late last week, Electronic Arts posted a tweet: “He/she is a hard 10 but only likes to play

single games”. Users did not appreciate the joke. And not only them - developers from the company itself joined in the indignation.

USA Today, citing two EA sourcesreports that soon after the publication, employees began to complain about the tweet to the team in charge of the social networks of the publisher. Like, he caused a negative reaction, in particular from bloggers and other gaming teams.

And then EA came up with a plan - social media managerswere supposed to publicly ridicule their publishing house on behalf of internal studios. The idea was to draw more attention to the tweet and then use it to promote certain single-player "electronic" games.

As the backlash grew and many of us became more pushy, a plan was made (very chaotic!) for the other in-house studios to EA responded to this tweet. They tried desperately to make the situation positive. Even people working on multiplayer games didn't like it.”

As the employees noted, the “calcination” of EA by its ownstudios will only strengthen the negative image of the company, which even its developers do not like. As a result, some managers refused to participate, which is why the plan collapsed.

“The most agreeable idea was to take responsibility and apologize” , one of the sources said. As you know, in the end, EA still gave back, albeit again in a playful manner.

“Perhaps you want to know howthis tweet, because the game company needs to know the mood of gamers! The fact is that the EA Twitter account is run by people who are superficially familiar with the gaming industry.

I'm 99% sure the tweeter and his manager don't even know about the comment about a decade old single player game. [Speech about words Frank Gibo , ex-president of the EA Games label, on the death of the "single" - Ed.]

They are all newbies, and most of them, as far asI know, not really part of the gaming industry. The person who posted this tweet did not know anything and was not monitored so that this did not happen.” One of the sources

Ended up after posting the EA tweetheld a series of meetings. There, publishing executives were outraged because of an unsuccessful joke, as some studios took it as an insult in their direction.