Media: Xbox Scarlett and Lockhart specifications revealed - 8-core processor, 16 GB of RAM and ultrafast SSD

Mark Cerny, in the announcement of the PlayStation 5 for Wired, spoke about the technical characteristics of the console. If you believe

Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox division,then Microsoft just finished working on the Xbox Scarlet, but didn’t have time to tell what’s inside the console. While gamers were waiting for the official announcement, Windows Central insiders were less patient and “leaked” some of the characteristics.

What's inside

The publication's sources confirmed that Microsoftis actually preparing two consoles - the powerful Project Scarlett (or Anaconda) and the budget Lockhart. Both consoles will differ in price as well as specifications. According to rumors, the “weak Xbox” is aimed at cloud gaming.

Project Scarlett Computing Powerreaches 12 teraflops, and Lockhart only reaches four. This is a strong leap forward, since the Xbox One X is 6 teraflops, and the Xbox One S is 1.4. According to the source, Microsoft is betting not only on fast downloads, but also on ray tracing. Therefore, although Lockhart looks weaker than X on paper, it will receive capabilities that will allow it to outperform the eighth generation of consoles in terms of performance.

Xbox Scarlet (or Anaconda) and Lockhart will receiveeight-core processors with a clock frequency of 3.5 GHz. At the same time, it is reported that in the older model, individual cores will be more productive. The processor supplier has not been named, but it is possible that Microsoft and Sony will turn to AMD this year.

Xbox Scarlet will receive 16 GB of RAM,but only 13 will be left for games. The engineers will allocate the remaining 3 GB for the system. For comparison: the Xbox One X has 12 GB of RAM, of which only 9 are used for games and the volume can vary depending on the load on the system itself. In addition, the new Xbox will be able to use virtual memory, taking up some of the space on the SSD.

In the new generation, Sony and Microsoft decided to moveto an SSD to reduce boot time and increase overall system performance. Xbox Scarlet and Lockhart will receive NVMe SSD drives, which will help reduce boot times to a few seconds. In addition, the introduction of Project XCloud into the system will allow you to start the game through the cloud service while the entertainment is downloaded to the console.

The source also confirmed the presence of reversecompatibility. Scarlet and Lockhart will be able to run games on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even the original Xbox. As with the Xbox One X, some games can run at higher frame rates and higher resolutions.

For comparison

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When it comes to PlayStation 5, we know thatThe console will receive an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture, and the AMD Radeon Navi video card will be responsible for the graphics. Sony promises support for ray tracing, but the main feature of this generation will be fast loading times. Judging by the latest news, the company is planning to use Samsung SSD. In addition, PlayStation 5 will receive backward compatibility with PS4 and support for the PlayStation VR VR headset.

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