MediaTek announced 5G processor

At one time, when the whole world was moving from 3G networks to the faster and more technologically advanced 4G standard,

not all smartphone manufacturers were in a hurrydo it. The same Apple company believed that its customers were already doing well on 3G, and the new network would not give them anything new, except perhaps a little faster Internet connection speeds. It worked then, because the mobile Internet was quite expensive, and the audience for this method was not very large. That is, people, even iPhone owners, simply did not use the mobile Internet on a regular basis. Today the situation has changed dramatically, since almost all owners of smartphones (and the cheapest ones too) are switching to mobile Internet. Consequently, users are already aware of what it is, what speeds there are, and how 3G differs from 4G, and certainly everyone is watching promotional videos about the advantages of the 5G generation.

Mysterious 5G SoC

In this place, Apple risks lagging far behind.competitors, and not even from the main ones. MediaTek, an average media chip maker (of course, the manufacturer is large, but the product is inferior to the main competitors in performance) announced its version of the 5G-modem Helio M70 with a modem. Moreover, the connection of the modem to the Nokia base at speeds of about 5 gigabits per second was demonstrated. The company plans to integrate its new modem into the newest system with the code name 5G SoC. At the same time, there are much more changes in comparison with all past processors than can be learned from its name.

What is so special about this chipset? The fact that this is the first (will) in the world 5G-processor, integrated and built on a 7-nanometer process technology, which is fully ready to connect smartphones on Sub6 5G. That is, here we will not see the processor and the cellular modem separately, all in one chip. And since the technical process is thin here, the heat release here is much lower, the power consumption is also low. This means greater autonomy and better performance. The company noted that a serious increase in productivity will be especially noticeable when using the functions of the AI ​​and the graphics card.

AI technologies in the new processor were registered ina separate processor (APU) specifically dedicated to controlling machine learning functions. APU is the third generation, and it surpasses the previous generation, which is installed on the Helio P90. MediaTek companies really have something to be proud of, because they were the first to create a chip that was fully integrated, and even on the advanced Cortex A77. As a graphics accelerator is Mali A77.

The new processor received camera support withThe maximum resolution is 80MP, that is, the data received from three cameras of different resolutions will be perfectly processed. 4K with 60 fps video processor supports, also supports many other advanced technologies, because the company believes that the usual 5G is not enough, we need top processors and a strong focus on AI.

mmWave 5G will not support the new product, onlySub-6 and higher, since real 5g modems will work only with such connections. Samples of the new processor will start shipping to partners at the end of this year, and the first smartphones will be released in early 2020. Next year will be very tense in terms of demand for 5G devices, and demand will be at all levels and price categories.