MegaFon introduced the Kronstadt digital model. From it you can manage the city in real time

With the help of digital technologies, city authorities will be able to see the aggregation of all information about the city in

real time from different sources - it is necessary for proper planning of urban life and management of municipalities.

Geo-information model can alsopredict population growth, take into account all of its future needs, and, based on predictive analytics, determine the optimal models of construction, creation of social and transport infrastructure and other systems.

The working version of the model consists of a 3D copy of the city.on a scale of 1: 500, which can also be used for urban planning and development planning of urban areas, to identify misuse of land, which will increase the growth of the taxable base and local budget revenues, optimize the infrastructure and transport network, predict the influence of various factors on state of urban residents, the identification and prediction of emergency situations.

The report notes that Kronstadt was one of the first cities in the world that received its own digital copy.