Meizu reduced 30% of employees and closed almost all stores in China

Judging by the news from China, Meizu is not having the best of times - it has again started laying off employees.

What happened

According to the report, the most people were fired frommarketing department. The company has cut more than 30% of its workforce this year and now has about 1,000 left. Meizu confirmed that systems engineer Hong Hansheng has also left the company.

Meizu, which described itself as a competitor to Huawei andwas focused on expanding the number of stores, it seems to be losing ground. In 2016, the company had more than 2,700 offline stores, now there are only 5-6 left in one province.

Li Nan, co-founder and vice president of Meizu, leftfrom the company in early July. He said that he began to take on fewer responsibilities after the release of Meizu 16. Lee confirmed that the company did start to have problems, but believes that things will still improve. Although everything was fine for a while, Meizu was unable to compete with other Chinese manufacturers in terms of sales.

The company initially produced MP3 players;In 2008 I switched to phones. Although the company's portfolio is now diverse, smartphones currently account for the majority of Meizu's revenue. Meizu turned 15 years old last year.