Meizu Zero: a new trend on completely smooth smartphones

It seems that another trend is brewing in the smartphone market, following the frameless now manufacturers

Turn your eyes to the buttonless, that is, the smartphone does not haveNo physical controls, and not a single hole, not even a perforation for the speakers.However, this does not apply to cameras, at least the main ones.It seems that technology will not soon catch up to the level that hides all cameras in the body, making them invisible.Now they are more and more protruding from the hull.

A step towards perfect form?

The company Meizu has prepared a new smartphone,which made a small step towards the universal ideal form without a single hole. This smartphone is really one of the ways to progress the design of mobile devices. Manufacturers are not the first year seeking to completely get rid of unnecessary physical and moving parts that complicate the assembly process, and increase the cost of the final product.

Meizu Zero is almost the same, the device has noconnectors, holes, and physical buttons. Most smartphones have long since abandoned the working buttons home, as well as back, now they are all touch. The Chinese went further, they got rid of the power button, the volume rocker, transferring these functions to the software rails. However, not entirely software, since capacitive sensory in their place still remained. In addition, the smartphone is devoid of holes for microphones and speakers. The device is equipped with an innovative piezo technology, which uses a smartphone screen to transmit sound waves. The function is called mSound 2, the same is used by other manufacturers, for example, on Mi MIX from Xiaomi and Aquos Crystal from Sharp.

Migration to eSIM

There are no holes in the smartphone at all therefore there issupport wireless charging. Charging power of 18 watts, which is quite a lot compared to what other manufacturers offer, even the leaders of Samsung, as well as Apple have less power. But you can also transfer data only via wireless interfaces. And the most interesting, where to insert the SIM-card? In fact - nowhere, because this slot has been removed, and its place was taken by technology eSIM.


The screen at Meizu Zero received a diagonal of sixinches, the matrix is ​​used AMOLED with a thick chin and a wide (relatively modern smartphones) rather than a frame. In the frame fit all sensors, as well as a front camera with a sensor of 20 megapixels. The fingerprint scanner is also integrated into the display. This allowed the smartphone to comply with IP68 security standard, that is, the device is not afraid of water. The back panel is decorated with a dual module of the main camera, the main sensor of 20 megapixels. Auxiliary - 12 megapixels. The processor here is not the top-end, but the Snapdragon 845 still has a very high performance. The color scheme will include only the classics - black and white.

There is no information about how much will beRAM on board, and what drives are assumed, as the capacity of the battery. But at the MWC, most likely, the manufacturer announces all the details of the future smartphone.

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