Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle Owners Can Increase Engine Power By 20-24% With A $1,200 Annual Acceleration Increase Subscription

Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle owners will be able to increase engine power by 20-24% with an Acceleration Increase subscription

worth $1,200 a yearThis year, BMWannounced that some options in electric vehicles will be available on a subscription cost of $18 per month. For example, heated seats. Another German automotive giant, Mercedes-Benz, decided to follow the same path.

What is known

The company will allow owners of electric vehiclesMercedes-EQ EQE and Mercedes-EQ EQS increase engine power by 20-24%. This option will appear in the Acceleration Increase subscription, the annual cost of which will be $1200.

An increase in engine power will increasetorque and will reduce the acceleration time from zero to 60 mph (96.56 km/h) by about 1 second. All this will be done programmatically through a firmware update. You won't have to make any hardware changes to the configuration of the machines.

We can say that Mercedes-Benz specificallycut the power of the engine, then to sell subscriptions to users and receive additional income. On the other hand, $1,200 isn't huge, given that the car costs over $100,000. But there's still a catch.

Image: JESMB