Merck Introduces BrightLab Research Automation Platform

Using the platform, scientists will be able to use the company's cloud tools, as well as access to

powerful computing systems with technologydata automation. BrightLab also includes an electronic laboratory notebook that allows scientists and laboratory managers to track and update research data from any computer or mobile device. All laboratory instruments can also be connected to the platform to monitor their readings in real time, even remotely.

In today's research environment, analogmethods of documentation and analysis often distract us from the research itself. By centralizing important research information, we offer scientists the opportunity to work more productively, save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Klaus-Reinhard Bischoff, Head of Research Solutions, Merck Life Science

The developers note that the system increases the transparency of scientific research, maintains an archive of reports with the ability to search and excludes the ability to interpret data manually.

In addition, the platform has a wide system forthe ability to connect third-party services, as well as connected to an external database of supported devices, since different laboratories have different scientific tools.